Welcome to LightsOnTheHorizon.com, the website for charity book, ‘Lights on the Horizon’, a hardback collection of prose, poetry and photography. All proceeds of the book go to frontline workers in the HSE (Ireland) and the NHS (Northern Ireland). Buy it now to own a copy of this limited edition book!

Written during lockdown on the island of Ireland, this literary time capsule features stories and poems on the themes of heroes and hope. It was published in November 2020.

A page from the book interior, featuring artwork from Dublin-based photographer David Lynch

For a sneak peek inside the book, take a look at our official promotional video:

Endorsements by some of the best

We were very fortunate to receive endorsements by actor Jeremy Irons, and author Louise O’Neill. Support our frontline workers and own a gorgeous book, too. We’re aiming to sell 500 books in 2021, and copies are limited!

One of the positive realisations to come out of this plague is how we all need each other. I hope these stories help us never to forget as we live our future lives.

Jeremy Irons

The gorgeous endorsements also feature on the cover of the book.
Author Louise O’Neill
Photograph by Anna Groniecka

‘Lights on the Horizon’ is a moving, poignant snapshot of life in the middle of a pandemic. This collection of poems, stories and photos will be something to treasure when we look back at this time in years to come, wondering how we survived.

Louise O’Neill

This book is jam-packed with beautiful imagery from the island of Ireland, north and south, and is such a unique collection. One to show the grandkids in years to come. Buy it here.