Lights – and cows?

Lights on the Horizon makes its NYC debut!

In February 2021, publisher Niamh Cooper was invited to speak to Treasa Goodwin-Smyth, broadcaster on the New York City-based radio show, Ireland Calls.

‘Ireland Calls’ radio show features ‘Lights on the Horizon’!

Broadcaster Treasa Goodwin-Smyth interviewed Publisher Niamh Cooper to talk about the book, Niamh’s poetry, and more.

Thank you so much, Treasa, for having Niamh on your show. It was a brilliant opportunity to tell listeners across the pond about our our charity book ‘Lights on the Horizon’.¬†Click the YouTube link to hear the interview.

We talked about the story behind the book, Crafters Of Ireland, Jeremy Irons, and… cows.
Watch with sound.

Featured image: (c) Image by Duane Retzlaff from Pixabay

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