They’re Here!

Great excitement in the eThentique camp. We’d lovingly converted our living room (needs to be dry, needs to be warm-ish, and also, we’d love it if the house smelled a little bit like a bookshop!) and then we waited… and we waited… and we waited! And then we heard it, the beep beep beep of a reversing truck! (OK, we admit it, we were waiting by the window!)

November 25th: The wait is finally over!

And then, on 25th November, the day was finally here! A sunny Wednesday, and we were just having our 11th cup of tea (normal consumption around 11 in the morning would usually be around cup 6, but, well, we were excited, and it was too early for gin!). Then we were completely distracted with something else (unruly doglets had destroyed their cosy fluffy dog bed, again, and had taken great joy in extracting said bed’s innards). And then we heard it. The sound of a HGV, passing our gate, the sighing of the brakes, and then, the slow reversing. And let’s face it, there are not all that many HGVs passing our gate on this very rural road in West Cork. So, our ears pricked up, perhaps a second or two after the doggie’s ears. Dogs were quickly deposited back on the naughty step, aka the utility room, and I threw on my pair of boots and ran out. 

Once I’d expertly directed the driver up the driveway (no, he didn’t need me to), the palette was unloaded, and OMG. I have to say, as a small publisher, (not that I am pint-sized, or anything, just like, a small business), it was a very proud moment. 

Less than 20 weeks…

We had started this journey on 11th July, the day Jeremy Irons had penned those few lines in support of our collection. And here we were, less than 20 weeks later, with a palette of books, containing stories crafted by all those fabulous writers around the country, enhanced by beautiful, carefully selected photography, and the most gorgeous graphic design and editorial prowesses, and it was all in aid of something good. 

And then, I have to confess, I did feel a little nervous. Mainly excited, but yes, just a smidgeon worried, too. Because we had had so little time to publish this edition of ‘Lights on the Horizon’, and with postal delays due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to obtain a preview copy beforehand. Publishing such a book would usually take the best part of a year, time which we didn’t have, if we wanted to get it out there in time for Christmas. A few leaps of faith were taken, that’s for sure – but we were lucky, as we had been very well advised by those who had worked with this particular print company before: Gutenberg Press.

That new book smell

So, when I opened that box, and the new book smell hit me, I must confess, I did a double-take.
​It. was. stunning.

It looked absolutely fantastic, and I was bowled over by the quality of the cover, the endpapers, and the interior pages. We had had a last minute change to the cover – from gloss to matt, on advice of the printing company, and I am so glad we went with their advice. It also meant that, though I had received a sample of the gloss cover, I had no idea what to expect with the matt cover. There is only so much one can imagine, if one isn’t a supply chain head. Then it was time to unload the palette, which had to be done before the school run, so the race was on. 

Now all we have to do is sell them. So, to put on my next hat: Sales woman extraordinaire (well, we can try!). I’ll leave you with the opening page so you can feast your eyes… 

Check back again soon for more news!

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