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Christmas Shop Now Open!

Our ‘Lights on the Horizon’ Christmas shop is now open! Buy cards, pins, mugs, coasters, and more! The design: the entire manuscript – in a word star! Our aim is to spread the Christmas spirit and continue to raise funds for frontline workers!

Ballymaloe Craft Fair

written by Christopher McSweeney, Publishing Assistant, eThentique Ltd. “Lights on the Horizon” goes to Ballymaloe The Ballymaloe team, headed up by Bree Allen, were hugely supportive of ‘Lights on the Horizon’ at Ballymaloe Craft...

24 Quotes of Advent!

Our 24 Quotes of Advent give you a flavour of some of the stories and poems in charity book ‘Lights on the Horizon’.

Merchandise – finally available

Many of you have been asking where they can find merchandise related to the book. The fabulous Laura Douglas, who has also written two beautiful pieces in our book, created a few gorgeous designs...


Get involved in our Christmas campaign, #IveGotYours, to win signed copies of the book, or the grand prize of a Christmas hamper.


One Year On

One year ago today, Jeremy Irons changed our lives. He took the time to endorse a #charity #book he’d almost certainly never heard of, created during #lockdown in 2020.


Lights – and cows?

In February 2021, publisher Niamh Cooper was invited to speak to Treasa Goodwin-Smyth, broadcaster on the New York City-based radio show, Ireland Calls.


Did you know…

Since we started working on ‘Lights on the Horizon’, it’s been a rollercoaster of fun, hard work, pride, precarious moments, and everything in between. We have gathered our favourite facts about the book. May or may not feature a monkey.


20th January 2021 saw the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th president of the United States.
But who turned out to be the absolute stealer of the show? None other than Senator Bernie Sanders. You’ve all seen the memes at this stage, but you haven’t seen them all! Read on…