Inside The Book

The hardback edition of ‘Lights on the Horizon’ certainly has the Wow-factor! It’s been called ‘stunning’, ‘breath-taking’ and ‘absolutely beautiful’. Own a copy in just a few clicks.

The Graphic Design Director behind the book is creative talent Ailbhe Hooper. Ailbhe’s striking design makes the poems, children’s tales, short stories, dramatic monologues, fictional diary entries and quotes stand out even more.

The book was expertly edited by Tess Tattersall, who meticulously dotted each ‘i’ and crossed each ‘t’, to make this book the best it can be.

Each author carefully crafted a piece of poetry or prose on the themes of ‘heroes’ and ‘hope’ for the book, and kindly submitted their stories for publication.

The beautiful photography of picturesque locations around the island of Ireland was generously made available by a number of talented photographers.

A list of contributors can be found on the Contributors page.

One of the opening pages, featuring photography by Dublin-based David Lynch
One of the interior pages, featuring photography by west Cork-based Anna Dodog
The book cover, front and back. The cover features photography courtesy of Robin Quigley and Clonakilty Distillery.
A Thank You page in the opening section of the book, featuring photography by Robin Quigley
There’s even a mention of David Bowie. Image captured by the very talented photographer, Esther Moliné,
Another example of stunning design, images and quotes, bringing the poetry to life! Photo courtesy of the Publisher.
We were blown away when Jeremy Irons himself endorsed the book! A huge thanks to Robin Quigley for the stunning photograph.

One of the beautiful images in the book, from Dublin-based photographer Esther Moliné.

To own a copy of this beautiful book, or to gift it to someone else, you can order it in any of the participating bookshops, or by clicking here.