One Year On

One year ago today, Jeremy Irons changed our lives. He took the time to endorse a #charity #book he’d almost certainly never heard of, created during #lockdown by 20+ #writers, #photographers and contributors across #ireland and #NorthernIreland

The Ripple Effect

This small gesture sparked a huge ripple of events, culminating in a full colour hardback #edition, to raise even more money for #frontline workers.

Thank you Jeremy, your #kindness has taken us places we never thought possible.

Thank you Andrew William Tinney, author and playwright, whose original idea this book was, and who started us on this crazy journey.

And thank you to each and everyone who has supported so far.

Over 250 copies sold

With over 250 copies sold, we’re well on our way to sell 500 books by the end of this year, and hand over a cheque to our beneficiaries in the HSE and NHS Northern Ireland.

Click here if you’d like to buy a book, for yourself, or a friend, and give back to our frontline heroes.
The endorsement by Jeremy Irons

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