The Contributors

‘Lights on the Horizon’ was created on the island of Ireland by a team of over 20 Irish poets, writers, photographers and publishing professionals.

Everyone gave their time, creativity and expertise absolutely free of charge, to create this beautiful time-piece. You can support us on our mission to sell 500 copies this year, and raise as much money as possible for frontline workers. Get your copy here.

Our authors

Our authors, and the titles of their work, in order of appearance in the book:

© Michelle Young 2020: ‘Saoirse and the Healing World’ and ‘The Light Bulb Boy’
© Robert McDermott 2020: ‘The Next Day’
© J. Sean Rafferty 2020: ‘Belfast’ and ‘I’m Magic Too’
© Niamh Cooper 2020: ‘Hindsight’
© Marie Kelly 2020: ‘Tenacity’
© Gilbert Young 2020: ‘The Vision’
© S. R. Manev 2020: ‘The Fox and the Knight’
© Amy O’Connor 2020: ‘Soon’
© Andrew William Tinney 2020: ‘Sentinels’
© Peg Prendeville 2020: ‘Spring Cleaning the World’ and ‘Life with COVID-19’
© Greg Kelly 2020: ‘A Local Hero’
© Eliza Homan 2020: ‘And When Freedom Comes’
© Laura Douglas 2020: ‘He Hero, She Hero’ and ‘My Boy’


The following photographers kindly donated their beautiful photography, and their time, to make this book the beautiful keepsake that it is:

  • © Robin Quigley Photography: end papers and pp.vii (quote), ix (dedication), 16/17, 33, 34/35, 46, 47, Facebook: Robin Quigley Photography, Instagram: @robinquigleyphotos, Etsy:
  • © Niamh Cooper: pp.1, 15
  • © Anna Dodog @ Wild Dream Photography: pp.10/11, 19, 22/23, 31 Facebook: Wild Dream Photography, Instagram: @wilddreamphotography. Anna’s son, David, was also present at a photoshoot, together with actress extraordinaire Teresa McShane, and paramedics Martin Haughney and Martin Downey – and an ambulance!
  • © Esther Moliné Photography: pp.9, 24/25, 28, 42, 56/57, 62/63,, Facebook: esthermolinephotography, Instagram: molineester
  • © David Lynch photography: pp.v (title page), 50/51 ,
  • © Ben McShane: Author photos: p.18; all other photos © the author
  • Cover images: 1st left © Robin Quigley Photography, 2nd left by kind permission of Clonakilty Distillery, other photos © Robin Quigley Photography
  • Other photos: pp.3, 4/5, 6, 27, 52, 53, 54/55 © Shutterstock, pp.xi (contents), 39 created by wirestock © Freepik, pp.64/65 © Freepik

Publishing Professionals

  • Publisher: Niamh Cooper, eThentique Ltd.
  • Editorial Director: Tess Tattersall
  • Graphic Design Director: Ailbhe Hooper
Photo with thanks to Anna Groniecka photography

A limited number of signed copies are available – just mention at checkout that you’d like a signed copy, and if you’d like a dedication! We will hand-write a note on the compliment slip, absolutely free of charge, if you include a brief note on what you’d like us to write. You can do this on

The first five copies we sold online, ready for their bookmark. Signed copies are available on request – just drop us a note!


Many people behind the scenes supported this book in so many ways, by promoting, helping, videoing, proof-reading, emailing, supporting, messaging, sharing, buying, donating, believing, checking, baking, brain-storming, and much much more.

Thank you, Andrew William Tinney, for initiating this great project. Thanks to Jeremy Irons for sparking the idea of this new edition, and to Louise O’Neill for believing in us. Thank you to the Mater Foundation for your support. Thank you to each and every person who has contributed to making this book the beautiful time piece that it is. Thanks to those who have helped to sell it, who bought it, gifted it, and those who bought it over and over again. Thanks to those who have read it, and to those who still want to read it. Our aim is to sell 500 copies by the end of 2021, so please like, share and spread the word. Thank you!

Niamh Cooper, Publisher, ‘Lights on the Horizon’ coffee table edition
This book was the brainchild of author and playwright, Andrew William Tinney. Without him, we would not have this beautiful collection we hold in our hands today – he did the original call for submission and edited the first edition.